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P+1? Nah nahh!

January 22, 2019

“Different just like the others?”
This line is so admiring for some yet so delusional for others and my personal bête noire. And why the fudge would anybody wanna be, “just like the others”.

I’m in my early twenties and my last 10 years or so had been a fight to just what ya call, “Stand Out”. Although, I didn’t want to mention my age, in case, you’ll take me less seriously since I’m young and all. But then this is the gen of Kylie and the Egg. So if you wanna know the truth, like helluva people in this world, I have always tried and is still, to be the one and only. I so wanna do things by which I can prove how F-ing alien I am.

So, what I’m going to tell you next is one of those things that you heard from someone, somewhere. And despite you being a rebel, you not just listened to that but it also stayed with you forever. And somehow deep inside, you just want that thing to be true, however virtual or hypothetical that thing may sound.So, I was sitting in my living room and it was a family get-together for some reason. And if you’re an Indian reading this, you definitely must have lost interest because what fruitful can come outta this relatives-kinda conversation. But hey hey, hold on broda, I’m tryna make a point. So you always have one of your cousin who always takes the limelight by just how talented he/she is.Yeah! so, this cousin of mine was such an awesome singer. He never had taken any classes and all. He was just born that way, just like with all those helluva melodies in his throat. And so it became like a custom to make him sing in goddamn every family hangouts or ins. But then, one of my favorite elderly quoted something unusual and I was awestruck.He asked my cousin to make singing as his career and all but that’s not important. He then said,“There’s one thing for every person alive which only he/she can do to perfection and no other. Because, that person is born with that thing. This same thing has the power to make you the one and only in the world. You, yourself will wonder how in the goddamn world you knew something which people take classes for. But then, you just know it, it comes so naturally to you. And this is the reason nobody in the world has ever decoded the mantra for true success. Because there ain’t any. Success is just the by-product of when the person figures out himself, and his inherent powers. There’s no other Bill Gates and no other Barack Obama and there can never be. But the real struggle is how to find that thing which you are made for. How to know who you’re? The people who find that, are the ones you read biography of and people who doesn’t are like you and me still struggling and still anonymous. Do you think, Roger Federer would have also been the greatest surgeon?, or if Bill Gates a wrestler? They weren’t born to have this fame. They just figured out that thing which they were made for. It’s the same with us all. You might be born to be the greatest writer but you’re wasting your time in completing your stupid degree or vice versa. The day you’ll be able to find that 1 thing of your life which is made for you and for which you’re made, you’ll start achieving success. And then, even if failures come your way, you’ll still be as excited as when you click “Play Again” after “Game Over” in your favorite video game. So, go find it before you are too old to play hide n seek.Be the Mario of your life.” I’m stuck with these lines for the rest of my life. He told me this and I loved it. Now I’m telling you. I can’t expect you to get inspired by it, maybe you don’t like such talks, so it’s up to you what you get outta these lines.

I’m a Computer Science Engineer with the pretty unsatisfying job. And that’s not what I want, like most other engineers.*slow claps if you’re an engineer reading this*. So, till the last time I checked, I was no writer, no influencer, no nothing yet. But I refuse to be “P+1” *my invented word* i.e. POPULATION plus 1. I so wanna kick this word in its ass. I am, you can picture as a person striving not to sink without knowing how to swim, 5 miles from the shore. Well, if you’re also one of those rebels or outcasts or Holden Caulfield, then, man! I might like you.*wink*. If you too are hopeless, and awkward and desperate to know what you wanna do in your life, then ‘Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration‘ is definitely not an answer. I don’t know how you’re gonna figure things out. But just promise yourself you’ll be the person you always wanted to be because when you do you, nobody can match up to that level of greatness.

You do you! The world can adjust!