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NaMo! again.

February 3, 2019

So Jack Ma once said, “If you put a banana and lotta money in front of a monkey, the monkey will choose a banana”, I wonder if thats how you Anti-Modi people choose your leader? Did I just call you all monkeys?? Oops! Well, I just meant you ain’t evolved. You ain’t evolved to understand what is the Idea of India.

So lets talk facts. Some of you might snipe saying GST and demonetization came at the cost of growth. I’d say what about the old adage of taking one step back for two steps forward. He realized we needed resources and more tax-payers to invest in the kind of growth we were talking about. And if you think I’m just talking proverbs, might I remind you about the new Union Budget 2019. This is the result of his vision. 

  1. Tax-payers with income upto Rs.5 lakh to get full tax rebate. I wonder this must have happened before…Can you temme when?
  2. An Indian heart who doesn’t beats for its soldiers and farmers is a heart not worth living. This Budget also took care of those farmers who were never taken care of, farmers with little piece of land. The Modi Gov targeted those to give them Rs. 6k PA.
  3. I insist you to think hard the last time somebody thought about the growth of a ‘thele walla’. These unorganized labor adds upto 40 crores as an Indian population. Growth of a country is not from its riches but from its rags which counts upto so much of its population. This Budget grants a pension to these unorganized labors.  and I can go more n on….

We always wanted revenge for 26/11 , they spent crores on Kasab. We wanted India to roar, but our then PM didn’t entertain speaking let alone roaring. We waited for so long to get back up on the map with a bang. We don’t need leaders, who belittle India as a country who never strikes back. We got to have leaders who stratagem a Surgical Strike for every Uri Attack. I know no words to put this glory in expression. Obliged, overwhelmed, and proud I’ll always be. How many of you grew up shouting, “Dudh mangoge to kheer denge, Kashmir mangoge toh Cheeer denge “? I was one of those kids. Well, to enlighten you Modi ji is the only PM and I repeat only, to have spent every Diwali with troops and ‘in need’ people of Kashmir. He not only wins elections but also hearts. “Kashmir ko ghar layenge, par zabardasti nhi, sirf pyar se!”

And no wonder there’ll be people who don’t consider him the leader, our country needs. But can you raise your voice and temme who you’re supporting if not him. Well, well Gandhi dynasty is what I hear. And I wonder if our revolutionist wasted their life for people like us, who doesn’t understand democracy. All they know is to take orders from outsiders and a lineage. And moreover, who have lost their self-respect to have even considered Pappu as their PM. 60 to 5, a Math of years, a Math of progress, and you know the results. 

We are poorer, in India apart from economy, in aspirations. And this man has the power to lay down and stretch our urge as Indians to make this country globally dominating. Look at the things he did, security, global outlook, free hand to army, road, infrastructure, digital transactions, NO MIDDLEMAN NO CORRUPTION, from taking up a topic like Toilets in the UN meeting to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. India lags globally because there is no such thing as Indian tourism. Why would anybody spent their money and vacations jumping over poops. He knew this. Nothing else, he just have the power and aspiration to bring a wave of new mindset in us, “Savaso Crore” Indians.

If you are deaf, we can make you see India climbing up in global numbers, because of Modi. If you are blind, we can make you hear how loud the sound of NaMo is. If in case you’re both, then Modi is just a leher.. you ain’t need no vision and ears to recognize it. It exists, and Oh man! you got nothing to defy it!

“Kaam Kare JO, 
Umeed ussi se Ho!”