Millennial Skincare!

February 8, 2019

“Erghh! I don’t like good skin”, said nobody ever. And guys this post is as much for you as it for gals, because Well! Ain’t no shame in this game;)

 Apart from what you always heard about drinking water and eating right(which is  100% true), you gotta keep a check on your products too. These ultimate 10 every night steps are your one stop for everything ,your skin needs. However these may sound hectic at first, but this is what Korean beauties swear by, and hence their glass skin. The new-famous Korean skin care regime in all its glory. This is the list of my recommended Korean products.

1) Make-up Remover and Oil-based Cleanser

Oil cleansers are the base of Korean skin care regime and the first step in double cleanse. It helps in removing make-up and also draw out other oil-based impurities.

2) Water-based Cleanser

This is the second step to double cleanse. It is highly recommended by dermatologists since it removes all the water and sweat based impurities which can cause break-outs.

3) Exfoliator

Exfoliation help cleans pore and slough off dead skin cells, to give you that glow on your skin. But, well you shouldn’t go for it daily. Try for once or twice a week.

4) Toner

Toners act like a prep-product to prepare you skin to absorb the moisture you’re gonna give it next. They also tend to remove any cleanser residue left-overs. Use a cotton-pad to softly cleanse wipe your skin with this toner.

5) Essence

Essence generally termed serum contains a few key active ingredients to address specific issues like brightening, dark spots, wrinkles, etc. They contains all the actives your skin needs after being cleaned and toned.

6) Ampoules

Ampoules are considered to be more concentrated version of a serum, think of it as a booster shot. They often contain a higher number of active ingredients. This is one of the most important step in achieving that glossy skin you crave for.

7) Sheet Masks

This step is the soul of Korean skincare routine. To get the most outta these masks you should allow them to sit for like 20 minutes. It’ll help your skin absorb all the active ingredients of your serum/ampoules/mask.

8) Eye cream

The part of our face we love the most but usually take it for granted. Your eye bags are calling out for help. Go get them the love they need, and buy an eye-cream. This Mizon eye-cream works wonders.

9) Moisturizer

Moisture and oil are two different things, which we tend to overlook. It’s a complete myth that oily skin doesn’t require moisturizer. Every skin type requires a shield to lock the moisture in. This is your last step of the night regime. Hope you’ll have a good skin sleep.


10) Sun Protection

This is your most essential day product, which we have a tendency to avoid. I can’t stress enough on this point. Wear it under your make-up as a base. And you’re good to go!