Life Style


February 25, 2019

I happened to meet my best girl last week, it was a much needed snob-break. Snob? So, lemme tell you, if in case you don’t know, girls are all kinds of toffee-nosed when in good mood. Well, our friendship goes back to my school days. So, customary we got into reminiscing about our past escapades, guys, girls, blah and “Dodgeball”. DODGEBALL?? Well, It was our school-sport, the sport which is played time and again, unless well! your sports teacher permit else-wise. So, we were discussing a friend of ours who hurt himself while playing dodgeball and how he was made fun of. Some called him fragile, some said he played timidly, and others that he played like a girl. And well, he grew into this much masculine man and everybody’s opinion changed but what lingered behind as the part of our adverb-list was #likeAGirl.

How often have you asked somebody talking nonsense to stop talking like a girl? somebody fragile to stop crying like a girl? I’m sure, you must have even asked a girl to stop behaving like a girl *Blimey! What?*
What do you think like a girl means?
What comes to your mind when I ask you to fight like a girl?
or to kick like a girl or to just walk like a girl?*inspired by a commercial*
Well! lets do something today,
Stand up, C’mon you sloth bears, Stand up.
Show me how to run like a girl. Still sitting?so just picture yourself running like a girl?
How’d you run?
Did you run your fastest?
Temme me, how’d you think a girl hits? Do you think you’d bleed if a girl hit you?
I bet you would!
To run 
likeAGirl, is to run as fast as you can. 
Hit likeAGirl, means to hit as hard as you can.
Fight likeAGirl, means to fight to win, to fight like you, to fight like me.It means exactly the same as like a boy means. We girls hit, we run we dance we talk we walk like a girl because we’re a girl. And we’re gonna keep doing that, because it’s worth it and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I was brought up by very strong women and men. My mother taught me how to be self-assured, my father let me be gracious and my brother taught me how to be a warrior. I was taught I can be all. And this is what likeAGirl means. And this is subjective but never weak. Girl is not a synonym to being a puny, likeAGirl is not a jibe, we are made of pearls-and-iron and grace-and-perseverance and for world who brings pride. Running a marathon, competing in hijab, winning 23 grand slams,leading a country, protecting it’s people, winning battles, boxing, dunking, winning, roaring, rescuing this is what girls are capable of. So, likeAGirl can be anything but insult.

I never believed in any kinda “ism”. No to masculism.No to feminism. Because I think men were never against women nor vice-versa. We all together were/are against misogynist and misandrist. But even though ignorantly people still uses likeAGirl as a slang or as an insult. This my post is for all  ̶b̶e̶a̶u̶t̶i̶f̶u̶l̶  strong women out there and a thanks to all men who let us be one. 

Like a girl should be everything awesome. If next time you meet a little girl tell her she do things like a girl and she do them amazingly. Tell her that girls are not just beautiful and delicate but all kinds of strong. And teach the little guys that it’s okay to cry and it’s okay to hurt themselves while playing Dodgeball but it’s not, to allude it as #likeAGirl.