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Let the good things die!

January 30, 2019

So, like every younger sibling, I too steal my older’s wardrobe. Although in my case, there’re just the labeled t-shirts of my brother, because nothing else fits. Somehow, we always find our elder sibling’s clothes much more cool, their gadgets much advanced and them as a person much more evil.*Don’t forget the things they made us do, from their infamous act of us pouring them the every ounce of water they must have ever drank to telling us how we were adopted*. 

Well, this fine day, when we just landed home for our holidays, I was doing my year-old ritual of going in his bag and unearthing his wardrobe to know what he might got there for me,  and as usual I found these whole lotta mullock of things like empty chips bag, candy wrappers and all and empty. Although, it wasn’t something new. My mother has been ranting about this from whatcha feel like 1931. *But if that’s so usual then why on earth I’m talkin’ bout this. Blimey guv’nah, so you gotta read the title. I’ll talk bout things till I reach that line*. So that day I ended up asking him, if he’s making a profit outta his recycling business. Like (every) older sibling who is too cool to care how good my sarcasm was he just ignored my talent and said, “I don’t feel like throwing wrappers while travelling”. No no, don’t get mistaken, this line of his has got nothing to do with “swachh bharat abhiyan”! Neither I’m gonna lecture you bout cleaning our country. I don’t do advice. I do adjudge. I’d judge you for throwing on streets. Period. Well, coming back to the point, I asked him the reason for this not throwing while travelling. I asked,”Y?” you know this “Y” is such a crooked letter when you’re talking to your older sibling. These people always tend to not take us seriously. We have to nag around to get an answer from them for all our Y’s. So after constant badgering, he told me, that he just didn’t wanna throw them somewhere unknown and not home, in case these wrappers might feel deserted or abandoned. So he keeps them in his pocket, bring them home and dump it in our house bin. It’s weird but it felt good at heart. 

I aped him always from my childhood. And this time it was no different. Till date I never throw my wrappers in between journeys in some unknown city. We all do this in different ways, hanging onto or keeping things in our life which are no longer needed or which don’t serve their purpose anymore. We tend to take objective things on subjective level. But that’s such a human thing to do, it shows how much you care. But you gotta focus here on 1 more thing dude, you have to and I repeat you have to dump it someday somewhere just like we dumped the trash at our house’s bin. Because you could only imagine what hell it would’ve unleashed if you gotta save your trash. Everything rots without exception. So you stick onto something as longer you don’t feel home or comfortable but then let that good thing die! Before it gets all stinkin’ and messed up. Letting them die doesn’t mean erasing from memory, it’s just means to get comfortable in accepting that the thing can no longer physically exist.

How much older you get, you’ll always love Shaktimaan, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Rock, your first dog, your everything which made an impact on you. But at the same time you have gotten at peace with the fact that there would never be Shaktimaan-2 , F.R.I.E.N.D.S-2, The Rock-2. In search of it or in act of holding onto it, you might tryna emulate them but you’ll end up imitating’em. It’s like finding two people with same fingerprints, which kinda thing doesn’t exist. There’s no sequel to the good things and there can never be, so don’t strech’em. Don’t be the Spider-Man 3 to your Spider-Man 1. But well, if you let go off’em, or let’em die, you might find your Iron-man (*although my fav is Captain America), G.O.T. or John Cena.

So next time you find yourself clinging onto something or somebody don’t feel wrong it’s good, you’re good n human. But at last just remember to dump them somewhere,in your heart bin or if it helps by sharing it with someone. And, well get yourself a closure. 

By *AK-Baba Dev* 😉