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Daag Ache Hai!

March 30, 2019

Chillin’ out with friends sometimes can be enlightening & apprising, unlike to what our parents may think. This one time, as usual over coffee, a friend of mine, let’s call him “Y”, was ranting about how he wanna be all independent, wanna take his own life decisions, take a bike jump it over, and how his parents were not allowing him to do any of that or how they ain’t allowing him to be an adult, to have his own opinions. “Mah life, Mah rulez” kinda ranting! And then there was this another friend of mine, and let’s name him “Z”, well-known for his one-liners and silent sassy attitude asked Y, “So bro, Abki baar kiski sarkaar!” Y all vexed said, “Dude! Yeh Politics and all, not my cup of tea, not interested Bro!” And hence the rest of us sat there pondering and solving the irony of “MAH’s LIFE, MAH’s RULEZ” vs MAH’s ignorance of not knowing who actually controls MAH’s life and who actually makes MAH’s ruleZ. And I assure you, it was definitely not MAH’s parents, Y aka MAH need to be brooding about. 

The passion we all put into telling our parents to let us be 18 & take our life decisions, doesn’t reflect mostly in our voting skills. Because you know, it’s nobody but the people you vote for, who actually takes and influence your life decisions. And I still wonder if Y understood why X asked him that question that day;) If you still don’t know about your government or your country, Buckle up dude! you’re lagging behind, ain’t nobody wanna have a conversation with such peanut-sized minds!

FYI, Interviews of girls saying they are not into politics but because somebody has a good dress sense, they’ll go vote for that handsome man is the reason maybe why facepalm or head-banging came into the world. And this is not what I’m asking you to do. Vote wisely. Believe you me, everyone of your votes makes a difference, a difference with the repercussions. Know more about the elections at . If you’re an 18 or above reading this, I’m gonna say in the most simplest way possible, “VOTE”. Not for the party, not for nobody, but for yourself, your family, your country. The Indian Lok Sabha election 2019 will begin on April 11, as announced. If you can vote, there is too much stake in this election not to. For all the people spouting, reprimanding and claiming that India is lagging or that it is not globally established or powerful and for what all. This is your time, your podium to go out and take a first step towards the kind of India, you want to live in. Vote for the change you want to see. Don’t underestimate how loud your voice can be. Don’t miss your chance of being a part of history. Go out there and dip that finger you point on others in the ink-of-responsibility because yh daag definetely acha hai! 

You voting for your country can make any of you look insightful, given that you don’t vote for who you find attractive and understand the importance of not being ignorant in case of choosing your government. And it also doesn’t help if you use “MAH” in lieu of “MY” in your life and in your rules!