Life Style

🚫Seeing the world with LOSER glasses on!

February 13, 2019

The first time somebody asked us what we wanted to be, when we grew up. What did you answer? An Astronaut, President or like me a Princess? And, well if I’m not wrong we flicked them later with Rock-star, Gold-medalist or in my case another Ke$ha! What actually was common in all of our dreams was, they all were helluva big. Now, so many years later when we actually are grown-up, I wonder how many of us are even close to what we wanted to be. Well! Who cares. But ironic enough, today we don’t even know where we are or what we want to be, let alone something big. We all were born alright, dreaming big bout outta league things. We grew up, we failed, and realized, “Dude! Leave it, NA HO PAYEGA”. 

So we all losers came to a conclusion and made up a very pretentious and ostentatious yet crap line, “There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind“! What the heck! The truth was the grapes were sour! We knew, actual wealth was unachievable, so we settled with ‘peace of mind’. We all wanna die in a LIMO and live in a Castle. Stop covering your failures in name of true happiness and saying materialism don’t excite you or is not important. Try giving a 1000 to every needy person you cross path with, in a day. Your mom would love to have you take her around in your Mercedes. Gift your father his dream Car or your brother his dream bike or sister a diamond shoe! Yes this all is materialism. Yes this is money. And, yes it brings happiness. But oh no! you already have failed so many times, now you don’t even dare to dream big. What you now are planning is to get a job that pays you while you sleep, and pays you enough to buy a Swift! And now when somebody ask you what you want to be in your life, you’re all ready with the answer, “I just want to be happy”. Because that’s the only thing you can be, everything else is way outta your league. And, now you see world with your loser glasses on.

People say success don’t last! I’d say, well! Steve Jobs is immortal so Elon Musk would be, but you’ll not be. You’re gonna die nobody because you were busy convincing your girlfriend, “Materialism don’t impress me. Your soul does”. *crap*. Stop being phony and accept that it hurt when you failed. Accept how bad you wanted something but it didn’t happen. It’s ok. It’s ok to fail, to be a loser but it ain’t to stay a loser. You work for hours daily but without the urge to make it big. You’ve lost so much confidence in yourself that you fear having and leading something of your own. You’ve accepted that you deserve less, you work for 40 hours for somebody, who makes absolute no sense, just to avoid the risk of failure, and with that you’re also avoiding your only chance to die immortal. You’re wasting YOU!

I might not make sense to few. But I bet we all have unfulfilled dreams, well! now covered in dust. Unveil them again! It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary. Have sleepless night. Bring chaos to your life. Don’t settle for what you know you don’t deserve. Don’t dream small or peaceful. Dream huge. Dream about finding a thing which you can work on for 100 hours a week so that you don’t have to work for 40 hours for somebody and something you don’t like. Dream of making a difference. Don’t be afraid of losing or failing, believe you me you ain’t gonna die of that. This is not the time to secure your future. This is the time to take risks and to make it big. How could you die in peace knowing you never tried your first dream you ever had! 

Everybody’s idea of big is subjective. But whatever it is, if something is important enough, even if you know you’re gonna fail it, still give a try. Elon Musk is aiming for MARS, you can at least aim for CARS!